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Anxiety Therapy

Are you tired of living in the shadow of anxiety, where your emotions feel out of control? Is your chest tight and your mind racing with worry, holding you back from just enjoying your day? Maybe you cover up anxiety with distractions, alcohol, or just by ignoring it. Maybe you're not quite sure what's getting in your way.

At Witt Psychotherapy, I specialize in anxiety counseling, providing a safe and compassionate space for individuals seeking relief. My training and experience has shown me many presentations of anxiety and many ways to help you regain control of your life and rebuild your confidence. Living in constant tension and worry is debilitating, and you shouldn't do this alone. Book a free consultation to see how I can help.

How to Understand Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human experience that serves as a red flag to your system that something is threatening. We all have felt it, but when it becomes overwhelming and persistent it can disrupt your life and overall well-being. I have the experience necessary to assist you in understanding the root causes, whether they are related to past experiences, present circumstances, or a combination of both. Together, we will help you develop the capacity to explore what is underneath your anxiety.

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Has your anxiety gone up? Wondering why?

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My Approach to Counseling for Anxiety

I believe in a direct yet integrative approach to anxiety therapy. I use evidence-based techniques and a personalized treatment plan that suits your unique needs. This includes a blend from depth-oriented psychodynamic approaches like ISTDP, and also influences from many other modalities (Coherence Therapy, ACT, Gestalt, EMDR, and more). Here's what you can expect from treatment:

  • Assessment: We begin by thoroughly assessing how your anxiety is triggered, which can be due to either an external or internal threat (like an underlying feeling, thought, or memory). This is critical, as we will work differently depending on how your anxiety responds to treatment. 

  • Pattern Identification: We will work to identify and change patterns that were established long ago. These probably helped you initially, but now they are holding you back. I will encourage you to fully experience various feelings and emotions. We cannot shy away from the hard stuff, but together we can intentionally dive in.

  • Collaborative Environment: I aim to be upfront and, at times, will challenge you. However, this only makes sense in the context of a partnership of trust. Establishing this trust is my highest priority when starting therapy.

  • Connection: With work and dedication to the process, you can expect improved connection with family and friends and also with yourself. You will understand your own maladaptive patterns and feel more stable emotionally. You may even pick up a few coping skills to manage when things get tough.

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My Approach Can Help

Therapy has been repeatedly proven to be effective for anxiety as long as certain factors are in place, including:

  • A real relationship with the therapist built on teamwork

  • Agreement on what the problems and goals are

  • Therapist empathy and positive regard

  • A specific method to the work where both parties are actively and genuinely engaged

I know this is true not only from the research but also from firsthand experience in working with many clients from all walks of life. I focus on building these factors with you from the first session. 

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In-Network Insurances

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Standard Rates


15 Minute Initial Phone Consultation


55 Minute Individual Therapy Session

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